22 / 04 / 2019

Easter sale of Turbo premium access

Dear partner,

All of our team congratulate you on the great Easter holiday!
We would like to say “thank you” for our collaborative and fruitful work during the begging of 2019 year. And we would like to wish you to spend this wonderful holiday in a family circle. We wish you and all your relatives and friends, first of all, health and good holiday mood.
We always try to upgrade  the quality of our service, so that’s why we release weekly updates, which increases the productivity of the service and of course our collective  income.
The best is yet to come!
In order to help you be able to increase your earnings by Easter, we have launched a promotion for the purchase of Turbo premium accesses for!
The action has already begun and will last till the 28 of April, 2019 (inclusive), which means that many users are already in a hurry to take advantage of the favorable offer. That will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your earnings!
We are sure that this promo will bring to you an additional earnings  and new regular users!

Best regards!

10 / 04 / 2019

Big update of the block of getting links

We are happy to inform you some good news about our service. Last week we globally upgraded the interface of getting links functional for uploaded files. We made it more convenient for webmasters.

1. First of all, we added a dropdown list to sort links in our interface.
Now, each of you have an opportunity to sort files in a different ways:
- by selection order (by default)
- by file name (from a to z)
- by file name (from z to a)

2. We removed the tabs: ‘send by email’ and ‘remove the file’ from the interface, due to non-use.

3. We added new option “Custom link templates” for more flexible customization. What is “custom variant”?  There are links generated according to your individual template, you can set  it up in your personal account settings. To do it, please, go to the link:
A number of variable parameters are provided for flexible configuration:
- {url} - file reference
- {url2} – reference of a copy of the file on hitfile (or on turbobit)
- {urlName} – file name to use in a URL
- {htmlName} - file name to use in a HTML
- {name} - - file name in its original form
- {desc} - textual description of file
- {size} - file size
- {fileid} - ID of the file
- {fileid2} - ID of the reference of a copy of the file on hitfile (or on turbobit)
Then, you make up a template for your needs, combining the required variables and text. For instance, the simple template may look like this:
<a href="{url}">{htmlName}</a>
Moreover, you can set up a single "custom" variant for three different types of "download", "forum" and "website or blog" links.

4. All the options that you made when you get links will be saved.
Every time you press the button ‘Get links to the files’ and you’ll see the block of getting links , the systems will show you according to your last defined settings. In other words, the display settings "type", "option" and "method of sort" will be predefined according to your previous choice. So, you do not have to perform the same actions every time.

5. In addition, we fixed a few small bugs, such as:
- fixed captcha on domains (Personal File Sharing System)
- resolved the problem with mobile download;
- fixed a bug with domain earnings  for the sale of files from the folder;

6. We hooked some new premium access payment methods that definitely increased the purchases conversion!

We’ve done a lot of work to improve our service and we hope you’ll appreciate all our efforts that we put in. Along with, we express our gratitude to our partners for their feedback.
If you have some questions please do not hesitate to contact our support team.
Thank you!

13 / 03 / 2019

API keys for

We are happy to inform you that we’ve added the functionality of API-keys for by popular requests of our partners. We also would like to remind you, that API allows you to automatize upload your files on our servers. You can upload your files to as you do it on using this key. Here, you can find the instruction how to do it:
The API key itself you can find follow the link:
All the API methods which you find in the instruction on the site are available for both file sharing services for and The only difference is that each service requires its own API key.
We also remain you, that if you prefer upload your files on both services, and, you need to put a tick «Automatically upload files to all active services» 
 and «Automatically create and display links for» in your account settings.
If you have some questions you can always contact support team.

11 / 03 / 2019

New payment page on, welcome!

We are happy to inform you about the big change that happened with our payment page on
Of late, we received a number of requests from our active partners about the users who face with some difficulties using our old payment page. One of such difficulty is the page format of payment page (pop-up), in the result a user takes it up like some pop-up ads unit.
Based on this thesis, we decided to analyze it and made experiment with changing the appearance of the payment page making her static to minimize all of possible inconveniences for the user.
From the begging of the year, we made a lot of A/B tests with a new payment page. We decided to make the payment page stats on regular basis according to the full analyze that we’ve made and taking into consideration all our last experience.
Our developers have improved the interface, boosted usability and in the end, created a new payment page through which you can buy the premium access.
We can say with confidence that now users won’t be afraid of and confused with pop-up window offering to pay the Premium access. Moreover, the new payment page looks friendlier in the eyes of any of ad blockers.

We hope that you like our new interface and besides of that it can bring you additional earnings.

26 / 02 / 2019

New start in partnership with

We have some good news for you! We have a new and reliable partner service. 
If you have no idea about what this service is, you’ve lost a lot, because it’s a huge link management and a powerful free tool to hide and encrypt links. It works in IT market since 2014 year. Moreover, the gives a great opportunity for all its users to monetize and earn in affiliate program in easiest way. All that it needs from your side is to share the links, encrypting by its service. So, you see that it’s an amazing opportunity additionally monetize your traffic. starts to intensively work with So, that means that we are very welcome and do not prohibit encrypting our links throw this service. 

Here are only some of the advantages of
- support DLC-Files,Click'n'Load and single links for a hassle-free user experience
- captcha & password protection
- 200 supported hoster plugins
- real-time and flexible statistic
- Developer API
- No Adult ads
- many different payout methods (PayPal, WebMoney, BitCoin, PSNCards, just to name few of them)
- Minimum payout 25€
- Payout within 24 hours (expect webmoney)

This list can be continued, but the most important thing is that you earn €30 for 10000 views with a That is the reason we strongly recommend you pass the registration on the service and start working to increase your earnings since now.

NOTE! Unfortunately, the registration on the service is available only by invite key. But the administration of the service kindly provided us with the ability to give invite keys to all users who want to join the service. To get the invite key in please contact us using the Costaction support contacts.