26 / 02 / 2019

New start in partnership with

We have some good news for you! We have a new and reliable partner service. 
If you have no idea about what this service is, you’ve lost a lot, because it’s a huge link management and a powerful free tool to hide and encrypt links. It works in IT market since 2014 year. Moreover, the gives a great opportunity for all its users to monetize and earn in affiliate program in easiest way. All that it needs from your side is to share the links, encrypting by its service. So, you see that it’s an amazing opportunity additionally monetize your traffic. starts to intensively work with So, that means that we are very welcome and do not prohibit encrypting our links throw this service. 

Here are only some of the advantages of
- support DLC-Files,Click'n'Load and single links for a hassle-free user experience
- captcha & password protection
- 200 supported hoster plugins
- real-time and flexible statistic
- Developer API
- No Adult ads
- many different payout methods (PayPal, WebMoney, BitCoin, PSNCards, just to name few of them)
- Minimum payout 25€
- Payout within 24 hours (expect webmoney)

This list can be continued, but the most important thing is that you earn €30 for 10000 views with a That is the reason we strongly recommend you pass the registration on the service and start working to increase your earnings since now.

NOTE! Unfortunately, the registration on the service is available only by invite key. But the administration of the service kindly provided us with the ability to give invite keys to all users who want to join the service. To get the invite key in please contact us using the Costaction support contacts.

07 / 02 / 2019

Pre-release of short links on and

Dear partners,
We are happy to inform you about our new update.
We made up a new functionality of short links for your convenience on and

Since today we’re launching the opportunity of automatic generation of short links still in a test run mode. That’s why we ask you for making needed edits or changes on your side if necessary and for set up your scripts and software to continue its correct operation.. 
We are going to plan make this functionality further on a regular basis.
Now, in all places, in all fields where you get the downloading links to the files that you upload (the section “My files” in your account, through Browser upload, URL upload,  by using API and etc.) the usual domains will be replaced by short ones. Thus, will be replaced by and will be changed to the domain.
New functionality is intended not only for convenience by working with links but also for a security improvement and the reliability of the service in generally. For instance, if there will be some problems with our main domains and servers, we can quickly redirect traffic to backup servers to immediately restore the site work.

We hope you will like our updates and it will ne useful for you all. 

28 / 12 / 2018

The schedule of payouts for a holiday time

Last payouts will be made the 29 of December.
That’s why we recommend you to make a request until this date, if you want to get your money this year.
The first payout in New Year will be made the 4 of January and next on the schedule.

Happy new year!

27 / 12 / 2018

Attention! Dear site-owners!

Dear site-owners,

We strongly recommend you to share our and promo links and banners to stimulate users buy premium accounts using our holiday’s offer for the Christmas and New Year . It would be also nice to involve others potential user by sending email letters to all your customers. It helps you to increase your level of downloads and to multiply your purchases!
Please, hurry up because time spins away and the promo offer ends soon. But premium accounts users buy today will be active into 50% longer!
Many users have already bought even several premium codes in ahead of time. We are also not sure if we do it next year or not, if only because it’s a first time for, so we will see.
That’s why we advise you to do it in faster!
P.S. As a reward, we can give you an additional bounces!

25 / 12 / 2018

Xmas premium access promotion

Dear partners,

Our team send you many congratulations for Merry Christmas and upcoming New Year Holiday!
It is a pleasure doing business with you, thank you for all the trust and work on us, we are looking forward to a new year filled with plenty of work and opportunities from you. All those time we were tried to do our best to lift up the quality of our product, update it, make more convenient for you to help you increase the productivity of work and as a result, increase your earnings.
We are sure that only good and joyful moments from our work are waiting for us ahead!
We are convinced that happy moments in the nearest future of our collaboration are coming soon. Wish you all the best and harmony on your families!
We’ve started a new Xmas promo to increase your income in the holiday time! This promo is on not only on but on too. The promo has been started and continues till 10 January (inclusively). Many of our users have just bought this premium access! So, you need to hurry up!
We guess you have already noticed that you have more purchases last time. That’s nice! We hope that the end of the ongoing year and Xmas holiday will make you happy not only great mood but also some material reward!
We wish you Happy new year and Merry Christmas!