09 / 10 / 2018

New payment method for resellers through bank transfer

Since now, our resellers have an opportunity to add money to the reseller’s account balance through bank transfer WIRE/EUR. The minimum payout is 400 USD. You pay by EUR, that’s why you will see the whole amount which was already converted to EUR. By paying, you receive the invoice by HTML page with our details, amount, invoice number and payment details. You also receive the invoice link on your email.

We hope that due to our new payment method, you can directly replenish the reseller’s account without extra fees that lets you save money.

Please, write us in any case, if you are in troubles or have some issues, you are always welcome!

05 / 10 / 2018

Increasing the PP fee

UPD. We inform you that since today, the 5th of October, PP payment gate has increased the fee for their customers. That’s why we had to reduce the percentage of the amount, which you get from each sale.

05 / 10 / 2018

Big API functionality upgrade

We've made some huge changes and expanded our API functionality. Now, you can search, make copies and know more details about your files using API.

We created some new following methods how to work with API:

- “Get file info” method. This way you can get such information about the file like the name, the size and the date of creation

- “File search” method. This way you can find the file according to its name

- “Make file copy” method. This way you can make a copy of your file

Furthermore, we changed the API key transfer method. That’s why now instead of POST setting we have HEADER authorization method. Of course, we didn’t remove the functional of the old method; it also works for the users who use it. So, hope you haven’t problems with it. However, we recommend you to use our new one after reading the documentation by link

We hope that this update will be useful for you and it makes your work with us easier than before.

04 / 10 / 2018

Increasing waiting time between repeat downloads on

We would like to say “thank you very much” for all our partners, who share with us their ideas, wishes proposal about improving the service. We become better because of you!

So, we decided to increase waiting time between repeat downloads on according to the feedback of one of our partner. Today, we took stock of this test. It turned out, the number of all purchases from the week grew by 6%, moreover, and the total revenue has risen by 4%! That’s really amazing! We are very happy from the result of such good work. If you have any suggestions how to upgrade our service, please, let as know! Feel free to write me any time about it!

02 / 10 / 2018

We shut down from the 1st of November

We regret to inform all our users that we decided to shut down our filesharing service Since the 1st of November 2018, it will be disabled.

We created this project first of all for working for PPI (Pay Per Install) different kinds of software and so on.  But now this line of business is becoming more and more unprofitable for us. Furthermore, because of that reason users activity is also going down. That’s why we made a decision to close it.

Those, who have the links needn’t to be worry about their links and files because all your links will automatically redirect to or

If you maybe have some thoughts or ideas about new decisions about how to monetize better the file sharing service, please, feel free to share it with us. It can also be a new proposal or plan about how to revive project. So we are looking forward your messages.