13 / 05 / 2021

Results of the "Spring 2021" promo-event

We are glad to sum up the recent spring promo event!
Many partners participated, that showed your interest in such events. 
We tried to make event setting convenient, conditions as clear as possible, the reward - worthy of effort. 
For all participants the information with results was sent today and bonus 6% started to upscale earnings by sales.
Also, participants that were close to the needed result, but did not make it, we activated consolation prize - bonus 3% to the earnings by sales.
We hope that many were satisfied. If this promo wasn't succesful for you, don't give up! We planning to host similar event in the future. Stay tuned and learn about new opportunities to raise your earning with us!
ICQ: 664461805
Telegram: @helencostaction
23 / 04 / 2021

New features and bugfixes

Several months have passed since the new Costaction filemanager was launched. We are delighted to see your attention and interest in the new interface and features. On that pleasant note, we would like to explain what else we have been able to refine and add in the intervening time. 
FTP and URL upload options were added to the new filemanager:
On the left side, now you can see the new "Tools"  menu, above the folder tree. If you click on it, you can choose FTP or URL upload. Please note that in order to select one of the two projects to perform the upload, you must switch the selector in the page header. 
You can also select the destination folder, that will contain the files when the download end.
We determined to keep your files safe and stable. Considering this fact, a big part of the storage servers was renewed and upgraded. It should significantly improve the reliability and quality of the storage service. 
What about bug fixes? Recently, the torrent upload, which was quite problematic to work with - has been updated and now works better than ever. :)
Our team continues to develop in the field of file sharing and not planning to stop. Together, we will be able to achieve even more impressive results.

Stay in touch with us: 
Telegram channel:
ICQ: 664461805
Telegram: @helencostaction
06 / 04 / 2021

Payments to bank cards in EUR / USD temporary unavailable

Dear partners,
Our payment partners who proceed with requests to bank cards in EUR/USD, experiencing temporary technical issues. We are monitoring the situation to back EUR/USD transfers as soon as possible.
We kindly remind you about payments to cards in UA, RU, KZ, TR. It's active and available to request.
We believe that the situation stabilizes soon. Hope for your understanding.

Contact us:
ICQ: 664461805
Telegram: @helencostaction
01 / 04 / 2021

Happy Easter 2021!

After a true snowy winter, people anticipate the arrival of spring with pleasurable excitement. We cannot wait to feel the warmth of early sunbeams tickling our skin, breath in the refreshing odor of green grass and first leaves, and enjoy the beauty of colorful flowerbeds. There are so many reasons to love spring, but one of the most important for all Christians is a great spring holiday of Easter.

All people revel in Easter festivities, such as Easter egg hunts, festivals, crafts, parades, and fun indoor and outdoor family activities.

We want to wish our dear partners the pleasure to share sincere joy of Easter ideas with the beloved ones and put aside all the troubles and sorrows in this happy period.
As it happens every year, Easter brings hope, new expectations, and an Easter promo. Each user can buy premium with 30% additional time.
We hope it can increase your sales in this bright period of the celebration. 

Happy Easter 2021!
22 / 03 / 2021

Welcome, "Spring 2021 promo"!

With the spring arrival, we all expect sun warmth, a fresh mood, and some brand new things to appear.
As you know,  spring's famous holiday is the Great Easter. We decided to prepare an interesting and profitable promo event. What else can be better than raise incomes not only for the coming Easter but for the whole summer period!?
Welcome, "Spring 2021 promo"!
Generate a total of 16 sales by Turbobit or HitFile promo-banner with a new event-promo link, and get a bonus to each upcoming sale +6%, for the next 6 months after promo finalization!
Event-promo link available at Costaction → Promo link →Event promo link - "Spring 2021"
Also for this event, we have prepared 8 absolutely new banners for each filehosting, in total 16 banners. Hope you can find something attractive. Banners are available via links above.
To participate: from March 22, 2021, to May 2, 2021, contact the affiliate manager and let them know you are in.
Conditions to win bonus: 16 sales by banner with new event-promo link only, for the period from 22 March 2021 to 2 May 2021 (inclusive). 
Bonus activation: After the end of the promo event and counting of results. From 2 May 2021 to 9 May 2021 (inclusive). 
*Bonus 6% will be summarized with all current bonuses already active for an account in the affiliate program.
**Bonus only applies to PPS and Mixed rate plans.
Contact the manager and apply for participation in the promotion "Spring 2021", you can by contacts below:
Telegram: @helencostaction
ICQ: 664461805