16 / 05 / 2014

New promo banners for attracting referrals!



We are pleased to introduce our new promo banners , which you can use to attract referrals and increase your earnings! You can view them, select the format needed and get the code dirrectly in your account on

Just log in and go to « -> Referrals" at the down of the page you will find a link "Promo materials"

Our Referral system allows you to increase your earnings, creating your own partner network. Attracting new users, you will receive reward as a percent of their profits.

We pay:

20% of earnings of each partner you brought on board

5% of earnings of each partner brought on board by your partner

So you get the opportunity to increase revenues simply by placing a referral banner on your website, forum, blog or page in Social Networks.


Best regards, Team

08 / 05 / 2014

Payouts to Paypal

Dear partners!


Unfortunately we have problem with our mediator with mass pay . We have to make each payment manually. That is why we have a little delay with this payout to Paypal.


If it will be convenient for you, we can offer you to request payout to WebMoney purse to get it faster. We pay to WebMoney 3 times a week. And there is no any problem with this payment system.

If not, please wait! You will get your payout for sure.


We are very sorry for inconvenience, and we are doing our best to pay payouts to all our partners. Team

04 / 04 / 2014

Attention! Added additional information on the Hold period in statistics

Dear partners!


We are pleased to inform you that for the greater convenience, to the Statistics section we added tt additional information on the Hold period.


Now, on the "Purchase" page you can see new graph "Hold", showing the date when the earnings on the transaction will be available for withdrawal. Also, near the specified date, you can see the number of days remaining Hold period.


On the "Purse" page , under the column "Available for withdrawal" we have also added the text box that displays the full amount of the current Hold,whith sources of earnings.


We wish you success in your work! Team

24 / 02 / 2014

Attention! Subfolder function was added to download a torrent.

Dear friends!


We present you the new update of the functional related with torrent download. Torrent download now supports subfolders!


Previously, for all files in the torrent only one folder was created . But for your convenience, we improved the torrent download, and now when you download Torrent file, you will see the whole structure of it's folders.


Please note that this update works for torrents that include not more than 200 elements.Encourage you to try this update in the "Torrent download".


Waiting for your comments and suggestion.


Best regards, Team

07 / 02 / 2014

Modified interface to manage files and folders

Dear users!


We have considered your requests and suggestions, and made ​​the following improvements in files and folders interface:

1. We added the ability to view files directly in the folder. Now you do not need to open the folder. You just need to select a folder, click the line, and in the file grid file you will see all files, which are in this folder.

2. In the drop-down list, where you select the number of records per page, was added the new option "All". When this option is selected in the grid, you can see all existing folders on one page without need to go to other pages.

3. We added an additional interface to select the folder. This is a drop-down list. It is similar to the old interface. You can activate it when you move a file to another folder. All folders are displayed as a simple list, all subfolders are marked by this symbol "-".


We keep working on the new functionality, and look forward to new suggestions and ideas from you.


Kind regards, Team