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25 / 12 / 2013

New functionality: you create subfolders!

Dear users!


We present you beta version of the improved interface for the orderly organization of your files storage.


Our old interface does not allow users to create folders inside other folders, which caused some inconvenience. Users can access only one level of nesting. According to numerous requests from our customers, we have createed folder-tree system with unlimited nesting level.


Thus were made following changes:


1.In the menu section "My Files" in the table "My Folders" now you can open each folder and create new folders inside it, and move folders with all their sub-folders inside to another folder.


2. For more convenience in the table "My Folders" a new column was added .

The "Number of folders" column shows the number of first-level sub-folder. So you can see how many folders are in the current folder, without regard to their sub-folders.

The column "Number of files" shows the number of files in the current folder, but does not count the files into sub-folders.


3. We added address bar above the table showing the current location in the directory.


4. We have modified the folder transfer dialog.


5. We've updated the folder download page. The table now displays not only the files in the current folder, but also other folders in it.


The new interface is not final, we are planning to improve it. In the near future, we are planing to add subfolders for torrent downloads.


Your opinion is very important to us. If you have any comments or suggestions for improving the interface, you can leave it here:www.wjunction.com/95-file-hosts-official-support/181030-turbobit-net-support-news-announcements.html#post1897299


Kind regards,

CostAction.com Team