01 / 06 / 2020

Cooperation struggle against debrid/leech

We consider webmasters as diligent workers with creating, fixing, and publishing content for increasing earnings, downloads, and sales amounts, but, unfortunately, some malicious services trying to affect all of that for the personal profit. 

We mean the most harmful ones, so-called debrid or leech services.

The idea of them is simple: by paying those services once, the user gets access to unlimited premium at multiply filehosts. 
Thus, the user makes just one purchase at debrid/leech and does not make any more purchases on webmasters ' files. As a result, we get a decrease in site revenue and webmasters '  earnings as partners.  This problem requires a solution and our united impact.

We would like to resolve this issue as a matter of urgency. That is why we involve all those partners who would like to cooperate with us to get rid of those malicious services. 
Nothing can replace human mindfulness. We hope for the partners' support and all interested parties!
By now, we have launched a number of updates to reduce the amount of the anti-debrid links to prevent these violations in the nearest future.

So, to block the debrid or leech premium access which is used by this service, you need to get a link to the special file and try to download it via some debrid/leech service.
You can generate anti-debris links here, on these pages:
For Turbobit:
For HitFile:
This will provide us with the opportunity to automatically detect and block premium accesses that were purchased and used only for debrid/leech services.

But, please, be careful!
Do not download anything being logged in your personal premium account by anti-debrid links you've generated. Otherwise, your premium access will be blocked. In case of accidental blocking, please contact our support team and we will unblock your premium access.

Moreover, right from the 1st of June, we pay for access to any debrid-service that has one of our filehosts available to download. This will allow you to block the work of such services even more quickly.

We look forward to your participation!
Together we will achieve an excellent result.

You can contact us at the following contacts:
Telegram: @helenturbobit или @costaction
ICQ: 664461805
06 / 05 / 2020

New features on Costaction

There are always a lot of ideas in the feedbacks that you send to us every day about how we can improve our service and make it better for our partners. This time, we would like to demonstrate to you the latest updates that we added to Costaction service.

• A user-friendly filter of purchases
In your personal account on the Statistic page there is a tab page which is called 'Purchase'
( /Account > › Statistics › Purchase)
below the sheet with your purchases, you can see the filter.
This filter might help you to quickly find the purchase that you were looking for, setting the needed parameters.
And moreover, from now on you can easily filter your list of purchases according to the following parameters:
Date, Payment system, Profit for files, Profit for sites, Profit for file copies and Status.
The both our projects Turbobit and Hitfile have this feature. 
The link for Hitfile (Account > › Statistics › Purchase):

• List of sales in the 'hold'
On the page 'Balance (payments)' ( if you want to know which amount of money is in 'hold' and click the 'available for withdrawal' and then 'amount in Hold' you will redirect to the page with your sales (you
When you come to this page, you will see that your sheet with purchases is already filtered by the 'status' 'hold'.
If all of your earnings are available for the moment you would like to get it (you do not have the purchases in the 'hold' status), then you could not click it till you have the purchases with 'hold' status.

• Reduced hold period for sales of promo links
As you are already aware, the reduced hold period is activated if you have at least 5 sales for the last 30 days, without fraud or refunds transactions, then the hold period is reduced by 3 times.
And now this reduced period of hold is available for all purchases made by promo links as well.

• New field for the sales with copies of the files
In the sheet of your purchases, we added a new field (column) which is called 'For file copies'. 
In this filed you will see the purchases which were made on the copies of your files.
Before it looked like the usual sale, but with an increased hold period, and now you can find it in the special filed for them.

We hope it looks nicer and friendlier. We are sure that even small changes have a large impact on service usability and that is why we try to consider everything you send to us.
Do not forget that the positive reviews and new suggestions are an inspiration for us!
New changes are already on the way, are you ready?
Stay tuned!

13 / 04 / 2020

Easter sale

From behalf of all our team we wish you a wonderful Easter and Happy spring!

In this hard time for everyone, we appreciate that you stay with us, staying at home. It's a good opportunity to spend some time with your family, increase your productivity.

For this special occasion we launched an amazing promotion for all our users!
Every purchase of premium access with promo code 'easter20' provides you 30% extra time of premium membership!

The promotion is available from now on and ends on the 20th of April 2020!
Many of our users already got used this offer. We are sure that this experience will make a positive impact on the progress of our work and earnings.

Please, feel free to contact us any time you need, using the following contacts:
Telegram @costaction и @helenturbobit

We hope you have a very happy Easter!


13 / 03 / 2020

The turbobit premium accounts limit boost

Every day we receive a huge amount of reviews, feedbacks and suggestions concerning our service work.
We go into all this information and remarks.
We have analysed it, made some decisions and fixed problems, also we added new features and updates.
Thank you for taking part in such a great activity!
A short time ago due to our user's kind involvement, we start off analyses and tests.
Therefore, a new type of membership named as "+Plus" tariff plan was added. And already now it is in very high demand.

A little later, it became obvious that limits still do not satisfy modern user needs the daily limit of downloads.
Thus, we decided to go further in this direction and become an up-to-date service to make the system even better.
As a result, the turbobit premium accounts limit boosted:

- Basic premium type up to 40Gb/day
- Plus premium type up to 80Gb/day

We try to do our best in creating a user-friendly service for the people who download a lot of files every day.
We believe that even more users would like to buy it from now on.
The new volume of the premium daily limit will set our offer apart from the rest and motivate users to come back again and again.
That has a positive impact on our earnings. We are happy to continue our development and grow together with you!

Please, feel free to contact us, if you have any questions, using the contacts below:
Telegram: @helenturbobit или @costaction

Have a good job!

04 / 03 / 2020

Reseller program update

We do have some important news for all the representatives of the reseller program.

During a long period of time, the range of tariff plans for resellers has remained unchanged.
Some of them have become outdated and some have not been conversely added yet.
All types of premium accounts were updated according to the tariff plans which represent on the payment page of the site.
We also added the new premium tariff "+Plus" in the range of them.

We hope you find these changes beneficial for both of us and it will be valuable for those who use and work with our services.

We like to grow and go forward together with you!

If you have any questions, please write to us using the contacts below:

Telegram: @helenturbobit или @costaction