18 / 06 / 2019

Unlimited lifetime of all files till the end of the summer!

We know that you would rather prefer to rest and relax in the summer instead of always checking the storage period of the files by thinking and worrying all the time that they will be removed before you notice. For that reason, we have prepared for you a little special summer award.
This spring we started to intensively increase our technical capacities of our and services to make your work as much comfortable and smooth as it possible. Thus, now we have got enough free space on our servers which we would like to share with you.
We are very happy to inform you that we start with our summer promo ’Unlimited file storage till the end of the summer!’ for users who earn more than 1$ during the last 30 days and have a positive difference between their earnings and the cost of file storage.
All the users who will have an unlimited file storage period, will get a special status, which they will see on the page: ‘Statistics’.
This status updates once a week (on Mondays) and is available during that week. As a result, none of your files won’t be removed because of the limits of file storage.

Promo is available since now and till the end of the summer!!!

If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

05 / 06 / 2019

Turn the functionality of the FSS into the functionality of referral-sites

We inform you that this week we will turn off the functionality of creating your own File Sharing System on your domain (FSS). The reason is in the strict rules of our payment gateway systems, billing and banks to the file sharing websites nature. Unfortunately, not all of payments systems are able to accept the payments from different domain names in a one account. So, we faced with a situation where it turned out that the conversion rate of visitors and buyers on the FSS became in two times worse than on our main domain Briefly, we lose our potential earnings!

That’s why we decided to change the current functionality of the FSS to the functionality of referral-sites. That means the FSS URLs automatically will move on and all the owners of FSS site will get the same earnings from the site, but as from the referral-site. Thus, users will make a purchase on the payment page of It allows you to not puzzle because of limited variants of payment solutions and to avoid various issues with getting the paid premium code to users. 
And the owners of FSS sites can increase their earnings because of this reason.

Best regards, team

23 / 05 / 2019

The closing of the file sharing service

Unfortunately, we should inform you that last week we officially closed the This file sharing service was based on PPI rate plan and also it had PPS tariff. It turns out that “the great time” for this type of business went down, that’s why we don’t see any reason to support this kind of service. Indeed, we are determined to concentrate our efforts on our main projects - and

So, now, when you go to the URL you automatically redirect to All your files which kept before on, moved to You can find them in your Turbobit account, in the "My files" section, in the special folder which is called "Wayupload". The section was also removed from the personal account on the site of our affiliate program -

Please, in case you would like to remove new files from Wayupload, but you have some difficulties with it or if you have some other questions, use the contacts that you can find on support page.

29 / 04 / 2019

Archivation of statistics in the personal partner’s account

We inform you that from now on, the statistics will be displayed just since 2017-01-01 (i.e. over the last 2 years) in the personal partner’s account of affiliate program. This is done in order to considerably reduce database load and create a good conditions to work in the account. All the stats which are older than 2017-01-01 will be automatically archived by the system.
But, if for some reason, you will need the previous statistic, earlier than 2017-01-01, you can always get. You can always receive it by contacting support in any convenient way.

Best regards, team

25 / 04 / 2019

New upload form of files on!

We are happy to represent you our long-expected and advanced interface for uploading files via browser on!
We have updated the software and user interface by popular request. That’s why now, it’s became easier and so much more convenient to upload files and as on
Some of the main features of this upload form are reviewed below:
Multi-upload - now you can select several files by one click, which will be automatically queued and processed.
Serial and parallel upload
 - serial that is the type when files load one after another or parallel, in which all files load simultaneously.
Drag & Drop - drag and drop the required file from your computer and paste it into a special field on the site.
Without Flash - this means that you no more need to have an additional plugin in your browser to upload files.
Moreover, now you can add or remove files right in the process of uploading and clear up the list of completed uploads without page reload.
And also, we've transposed all the download pages on the https-Protocol.

Best wishes,
Costaction team