06 / 12 / 2018

A useful update in “Deleted files” folder

There are 2 different types of our partners and both of them have their own style of work.  One of them save files only in “Inbox” folder or have just  1-2 extra folders with a huge numbers of files. Others have a lot of folders for their convenience and file sort. And special for those webmasters type, who have loads files and folders in their accounts, we’ve done this update!
Now, you don’t have to waste so much time searching the exact folder, where were you saved some from removed files.We added the new column “Folder”  in the grid of “Deleted files” to make your work easier. So, you can see the previous folder of that file without any difficulties.  Moreover, if you do a mouseover to the column “FOLDER” of the required file, you’ll see the complete path of file location the way of short hint.
We hope you will like our new update and it makes your work easier that increase your earnings!

05 / 12 / 2018

Here are our new banners

We receive a lot of suggestions from you how to improve our service. Some of them were about users banners. Last week we’ve released new advertising banners for the partners to attract users attention.
We tried to include all popular size of banners, that’s why you can find out the best one for you. 
You can find new promo materials 
Furthermore, on the same page, you can get an individual promo link for posting it at your own blog/forum/site
You get 50% from final cost of the purchase each times when user'll  buy premium account using your promo-link or banners!
The stats of these purchases is here, in the tab page “Sites-referrals” 
If you would like apply the change in the banners text for various reasons  (translate it into other language, make changes to text etc.), please, download the original file in .PSD format, correct them at yours’s pleasure. 
The files are available 
on the same page.
Unfortunately, we haven’t done all promo-banners for We’ve prepared for now only promo-link, which works the same way as on You increase your sales sharing this promo-link.
Here, you can find
 promo-link for .
We hope these promo-materials can help you raise your earnings and moreover to draw more users on the site!
If you want we translate the banners into your language, please, let us know about it!
Note, contact us if you have any problems with banners or promo-links! 

15 / 11 / 2018

The weekly calculation of unlimited file storage

Before, you had an opportunity to get unlimited file storage once per month. To achieve you had to fulfill 2 conditions: earn more than 25$ per month and store comparable file volume. It means to have a positive variance between your earnings and the cost of file storage.
Because of the monthly calculation, some of our partners had to wait too much of unlimited file storage.  That’s why we decided to accept our partner’s requests and start to make a weekly calculation of unlimited file storage – once a week (on Mondays).
To get the unlimited file storage, you need to earn more than 25$ in the last 30 days and have a positive variance between your earnings and the cost of file storage. 
According to these conditions you’ll get unlimited file storage. For those partners who use our service mostly for creating back up copies of files or just for saving their files and to a lesser extent to share our links and to earn, we reduce the standard file storage.
If it’s already passed 2 month from the moment of your registration date and the cost of your file storage exceeds in 2 times your earnings, your file storage will also reduce in 2 times.
Now, the term of file storing is following:

  • for the authorized users the cost of file storing is 30 days from the date of its last download;
  • for the premium users it is 60 days from the date of its last download;
  • for users who earn more than 25$ in the last 30 days and have a positive variance between their earnings and the cost of file storage we offer unlimited storage life;
  • for unprofitable users (from the date of registration whom passed more than 2 month) whose cost of file storage in 2 times higher than their earnings, we cut the storage life in 2 times.

* We don’t count the copies of files (physical and virtual)
** We calculate the cost of file storage as $0.016 per 1Gb per month

12 / 11 / 2018

Remote API upload

We are happy to inform you, that we’ve upgraded our API upload. Now, you can upload files in your account using the API remote upload. Therefore, you can upload the files from other filehosts in your account due to API remote upload.

New possibilities:

  • Service – the name of the service http, ftp, 1fichier, datafile, depositfiles, fileal, fileboom, filejoker, hitfile, keep2share, nitroflare, rapidgator, turbobit, uploadable, uploaded);
  • url - url for an upload (you need to use \n for adding new url);
  • login, password – login and password of premium account for remote upload from another service.

As a result, it helps you save your time because you can quickly and easy upload the files to our service from another filehosts.

08 / 11 / 2018

Download big files became easier

Some among our users have a problems and difficulties with a big size file download. The main problem was a daily limits, which doesn’t allow finish a download.
Indeed, the modern files “weigh” quite a lot and they are becoming more and more “heavy”. For example, a game or HD film sometimes can be 40-60 Gb while our daily limit is 25Gb *.
Therefore, we’ve updated our service and now we don’t break a download even if a file is more than 25Gb. When you start to download the big file, you finish it without problems.
Moreover, please note that if you are not sure about your internet connection and fear that it have might interrupt, use some Download-manager.

Hope, you appreciate our efforts!
*the traffic which exceeded the daily limit doesn’t count to the next day