27 / 12 / 2018

Attention! Dear site-owners!

Dear site-owners,

We strongly recommend you to share our and promo links and banners to stimulate users buy premium accounts using our holiday’s offer for the Christmas and New Year . It would be also nice to involve others potential user by sending email letters to all your customers. It helps you to increase your level of downloads and to multiply your purchases!
Please, hurry up because time spins away and the promo offer ends soon. But premium accounts users buy today will be active into 50% longer!
Many users have already bought even several premium codes in ahead of time. We are also not sure if we do it next year or not, if only because it’s a first time for, so we will see.
That’s why we advise you to do it in faster!
P.S. As a reward, we can give you an additional bounces!

25 / 12 / 2018

Xmas premium access promotion

Dear partners,

Our team send you many congratulations for Merry Christmas and upcoming New Year Holiday!
It is a pleasure doing business with you, thank you for all the trust and work on us, we are looking forward to a new year filled with plenty of work and opportunities from you. All those time we were tried to do our best to lift up the quality of our product, update it, make more convenient for you to help you increase the productivity of work and as a result, increase your earnings.
We are sure that only good and joyful moments from our work are waiting for us ahead!
We are convinced that happy moments in the nearest future of our collaboration are coming soon. Wish you all the best and harmony on your families!
We’ve started a new Xmas promo to increase your income in the holiday time! This promo is on not only on but on too. The promo has been started and continues till 10 January (inclusively). Many of our users have just bought this premium access! So, you need to hurry up!
We guess you have already noticed that you have more purchases last time. That’s nice! We hope that the end of the ongoing year and Xmas holiday will make you happy not only great mood but also some material reward!
We wish you Happy new year and Merry Christmas!

24 / 12 / 2018

Remote upload becomes easier

On Christmas Eve, we would like to make you happy by releasing some new features on our service.
We received several claims from our partners that remote upload doesn’t work.
In particular, it refers to remote upload from
Diagnosing of the problem, we’ve found that by connecting to the premium account of the thirdly part service and trying to download some files from there into your Turbobit,net or accounts our servers had a connection with a various IPs. The security system of some file hosting services considers it as a suspicious activity and blocks premium account.

For sure, it isn’t so convenient for work to upload files quickly and it cuts down the speed and makes the productivity of your work worse.  But now we have a decision!
At the moment, when you chose on the remote upload panel of, you should only select one server to upload your files. Thus, file loading will be made from one IP.
Page of remote upload is here.

Contact us in any case if you have some problems with remote upload

14 / 12 / 2018

Here we are! New promo-banners!

We know how you were looking forward to this moment!
So, let me introduce new promo banners to attract users and partners attention and involve them to our service! We’ve received a positive feedback after the release of promo-banners and a lot of questions about the banners for too! That’s why we’ve immediately started to make it! And now it is ready! You can share it today!

We also tried to include all popular size of banners, that’s why you can find out the best one for you. You can find new promo materials here
Please be reminded, in addition, on the same page, you can get an individual promo link for posting it at your own blog/forum/site
You get 50% from final cost of the purchase each times when user'll buy premium account using your promo-link or banners!
The stats of these purchases is here, in the tab page Sites referrals”.

If you would like apply the change in the banners text for various reasons (translate it into other language, make changes to text etc.), please, download the original file in .PSD format, correct them at yours’s pleasure.
The files are available on the same page.
We are convinced these promo-materials can help you to raise your earnings and moreover to draw more users on the site!
If you want we translate the banners into your language, please, let us know about it!
Note, contact us in any case if you have some problems with banners or promo-links!

06 / 12 / 2018

A useful update in “Deleted files” folder

There are 2 different types of our partners and both of them have their own style of work.  One of them save files only in “Inbox” folder or have just  1-2 extra folders with a huge numbers of files. Others have a lot of folders for their convenience and file sort. And special for those webmasters type, who have loads files and folders in their accounts, we’ve done this update!
Now, you don’t have to waste so much time searching the exact folder, where were you saved some from removed files.We added the new column “Folder”  in the grid of “Deleted files” to make your work easier. So, you can see the previous folder of that file without any difficulties.  Moreover, if you do a mouseover to the column “FOLDER” of the required file, you’ll see the complete path of file location the way of short hint.
We hope you will like our new update and it makes your work easier that increase your earnings!