15 / 08 / 2019

Welcome to a new single FTP-server to upload files on

Dear partners, 
After a long-term testing period, we are ready to come up with a new single FTP-server for you to upload files on! This kind of server had been already realized on several years ago and now we have it on
Thus, you should only set up on the settings on your FTP client one single address and then you manage to constantly upload files on it without changing a server.
From now on, each time when you will connect to the single server, the system will automatically choose a more convenient storage server with enough space. It allows you to save your time to work instead of wasting it to searching an available storage server and it will make much easier to upload files. But for the users, who anyway prefer to use the separate servers where they would like to upload files, we keep saving the list of our servers. Please, follow the link: to find it.

14 / 08 / 2019

The compensation to temporary service failures

Dear partners,
Since the end of last week, we've had some temporary service failures due to temporary problems at the Data Center. As a result, we’ve lost some traffic and earnings. At the moment, we've found out what was happened and our technical staff is fixing those problems.
We admit the fact that you’ve also unintentionally lost money because of this unpleasant situation. That’s why the Costaction team has decided to compensate for the material losses due to temporary service failures on and file hosts.
As far as the situation will be completely fixed, you will get the compensation on your account in the amount of lost average earnings. The amount of compensation will be calculated based on the average data of each partner separately.
There were no such failures for a long time in our work, but in our traditions to compensate for all the losses that have occurred due to such situations.
You will get out the compensation to your account directly after moving to the backup Data Center and output to a stable operation. The amount of compensation will be displayed on the ‘Balance (payments)’ page in the "Bonuses" field.

P.S. At the moment, we’ve also done a big upgrade of the storage servers, which was a long time we have planned. That’s why most of the servers have switched to ‘file download only’ mode and currently, the servers are unavailable to upload. So, please, before connecting to a specific FTP server to do upload files, check its status in the 'FTP-download' section of your account.

12 / 08 / 2019

Temporary problems at the Data Center

Dear partners,
We are sorry to inform you that on Friday evening (9.08.2019), there were some network problems in one of the data centers, where our server frontend is located. So, it has had a very negative impact on the productivity of our service in general.
The problem was caused by a massive DDoS attack on our hosting provider. We immediately took all possible steps to solve this problem, including transferring traffic to backup servers in another DC.
At this moment, the site status is stable. Some errors may occur for a few numbers of users. Currently, we are working on a completely resolve all the problems caused by the attack.
Even though it was not our fault, we apologize for the inconvenience.

30 / 07 / 2019

We added a new method of withdrawal of earned money and reduced the fee

Dear partners,
We continue to expand our list of the payment system which are available for withdraw of earned money. This week we decided to add another payment method and, at the same time, improve the withdrawal conditions for already existing methods.
So, welcome the new way of withdrawing the earned money to the international payment system – Payoneer. Already now you can add the data of your wallet on the ‘Settings’ page in CostAction account:
The minimum payout on the Payoneer is $50. We won’t also charge an extra fee for withdrawing your earnings!
Moreover, there's good news. We have reduced the fee for payments on Capitalist from 3% to 1%!
If you have any suggestions about an adding any new methods for withdrawing your earnings, do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a nice job!

15 / 07 / 2019

New refinement of the site functionality to work with files

Dear partners,
We are happy to inform you about one new feature of the site functionality which concerns the working with files.
Last week, we finished our tests and now we are ready to present you group setting of file properties (paid - free). Now, you can select any required files, click on the edit icon files the bottom of the page and change their permissions immediately on all selected files.
It allows you to cut down the amount of time to change the settings of each file individually and moreover it provides you to work faster and more comfortable with the settings of multivolume archives.

Good luck !